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MDS, FICOI(U.S.), MADI(U.K.), MRC(U.K.), MFPA(U.K.), FICOI(U.S.), DFO(Pune), MBA(Hosp.Mang.), PG DIP Foren OD

Dr. Vikram Ahuja

Dr. Vikram Ahuja has been incorporating technology advancements and therapies for the benefit of his patients and referring to different practices for many years. Dr. Vikram Ahuja is a certified doctor with extensive training and is recognized as the best dentist in Lucknow. In Northampton, London, he was trained by Dr. Ralph Roberts, Dr. Eddy Shear, and Dr. Stuart Orton Jones. He is also a member of England's Royal College of Surgeons. As a fellow, he is a member of the International Congress of Implantology.

Implantology has long been considered one of dentistry's most minimalist since we endeavour to replace teeth without negative consequences. When it comes to implantology, we take a whole cosmetic approach.

Dr. Vikram Ahuja is the author of a Forensic Odontology manual widely used and read across the world. To date, he has won 25 National and International accolades. He also established Kosmic Dental Clinic, the Best Dental Clinic in Lucknow.

  • Best Dentist In Lucknow For Dental Implants
  • In Lucknow, the best dental implantologist consultant
  • Limca Book Of Records Honours
  • Best Forensic Odontology Consultant in Lucknow

Award and Certifications.

  • Oral Surgery Certificate Course
  • Chikitsa Gaurav Award
  • India's most prominent dental award
  • Global Healthcare Excellence award

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For numerous years, we have been offering world-class dental care in Lucknow. We have proven to be the best dentists in Lucknow based on our services provided and the accolade we have earned. Dr. Ahuja and his well-trained staff take pleasure in being a hardworking dental team. We take the time to get to know you and discuss the best treatment options as well as any oral health concerns you may have. We are completely dedicated to excellence!

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Limca Book of Records has bestowed this honor.

Dr. Vikram Ahuja

Limca Book of Records has bestowed this honor.

Dr. Vikram Ahuja, a well-known dentist from Lucknow, was named the greatest dentist in Uttar Pradesh by the Limca Book of Records in 2021. Virendra Chawdhary (49) of Alberta, Canada, had 28 teeth pulled at once. He had difficulty chewing his meals and underwent a 6-hour procedure to insert 28 teeth on dental implants and fixed prostheses simultaneously.

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