Biopsy Surgery

Biopsy Surgery

What is Biopsy Surgery?

The biopsy is a medical procedure in which we remove a sample of tissue from your gums. The sample is then tested in the laboratory. Gingiva is another word for gums, so a gum biopsy is also called a gingival biopsy. The gingival tissue is the tissue that immediately surrounds and supports your teeth.



How does the Biopsy Surgery work?

First, we will sterilize the gum tissue with something topical, such as a cream. Then it will be injected in a local anaesthetic to numb your gum. This may sting. Instead of an injection, we may choose to spray a painkiller onto your gum tissue.

We might use a cheek retractor to make it easier to access your entire mouth. This tool also improves the lighting inside your mouth.

If the location of the lesion is hard to reach, you may receive general anaesthesia. This will put you into a deep sleep for the whole procedure. That way, we can move around your mouth and reach difficult areas without causing you any pain.


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