What is Laminates?

Dental laminates, commonly known as porcelain veneers, are small porcelain pieces that can be applied to the teeth to improve their appearance. In comparison to ordinary tooth enamel, dental laminates improve the durability and strength of teeth. Laminates are the ideal option for shattered teeth, slight gaps between teeth, twists in teeth, or a compromised position.

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How do the Laminates work?

Your teeth are prepared by removing a small amount of the tooth's front surface to allow space for the porcelain. Then we take an impression of your teeth. The laboratory technician uses this impression to create your veneers. After your teeth are prepared and before the veneers are placed, the teeth will feel rough and somewhat strange. Usually, we will place temporary veneers on your teeth, but this isn’t always necessary.

In most cases, the appearance of the prepared teeth is nearly normal, especially at a conversational distance. If you don’t have temporary veneers, keep your teeth well-brushed because they may tend to stain more easily at this time. They will also be extra sensitive to air and cold. A coating placed on the teeth can minimize this sensitivity. Then there is a process of bonding it involves an elaborate series of steps that bond the veneer to the tooth.


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